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FTD 104 Fashion and Textile Design First Year Studio I

This course provides Fashion and Textile Design freshman with a comprehensive introduction to foundational design concepts and methods representative of the creative thought and processes of fashion and textile design disciplines. The coursework encourages entering freshmen to think creatively through design and art, and the world around them, as they secure a skillful level of craftsmanship in the design and making of textile products. Design language, design elements and principles, and design communication and theory will be studied through readings and applications and will be experienced in person through field trips. Additional costs may be incurred for field trips.


FTD 105 Fashion and Textile Design First Year Studio II

This course is the continuation of the comprehensive introduction to foundational design concepts and methods representative of creative thought and activity across design and artistic disciplines, started in FTD FY Studio I. The course work encourages first year students to think critically and in depth about concept, context, material, and design process, for textile and fashion product development. There will be readings and applications in advanced design theory, including processes, methods, philosophies and related concepts. The class will involve field trips to experience these advanced design principles in person. Additional costs may be incurred.

FTD 216 Fashion Workroom Practices

Studio course introducing the basic concepts and practices for the creation of final garments and extending through quality analysis of the final product. Incorporates workroom techniques for production of a variety of sewn product applications using various fabrications. FTD majors only. Additional costs may be incurred for course materials/equipment.

TT 591 Special Studies in Textile Technology: Weft and Warp Knitting

FTM 400 Major Fashion Designers

Study of fashion designers from the early 1800s to the present. Emphasis will be placed on historical and cultural events that may have influenced the work of fashion designers during the time and trends that have emerged. Of specific interest will be major historical and current fashion designers that have had an international influence on US fashion merchandise. An additional focus of the course will be on the career path of major fashion designers. A study of haute couture and pret-a-porter will be conducted to provide insight into special management issues.